When Fallout 4the open world role-playing video game set in a post-apocalyptic Boston, came out last year, there were some things about the game you should have known before buying it. Although the game has some exciting secrets, it also has its fair share of fails and glitches. Fallout 4 is mostly a rush for avid gamers, but there are also some things about it that are pretty frustrating. A new video outlines ten things that Fallout 4 players can't stand.

The video starts out with some unbridled Trashcan Carla bashing, whose name is entirely appropriate according to the narrator of this Gameranx video. The junk-collecting merchant can sell you oil, which is surely necessary, but she's also an informant for the institute and usually leaves you on your own when it comes time to battle.

It's nearly impossible to be evil in the game, too. You can definitely do a fair share of bad things, but aligning yourself with the bad guys is strictly discouraged. In the beginning, for example, you can't side with the raiders because the game forces you to help out the Minutemen.

The video outlines other frustrating parts of the game, such as Preston Garvey's obsession with the Minutemen, the general incompetence of the Minutemen, and the unpleasantness of Marcy Long when she says things like "I'll stop complaining when there's nothing left to complain about." And don't even get the narrator started on the Pip-Boy that barely works when using the chameleon armor.