Eric Andre Ruthlessly Pranks Beyoncé Fans on 'Kimmel'

The prank-centered movie 'Bad Trip' is out in April.

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In anticipation of his and Tiffany Haddish's upcoming Bad Trip movie, which sees elaborate acts of prank art being pulled on the public, Eric Andre stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday.

"I'm actually Patient Zero," Andre joked when explaining the movie's premise to Kimmel's audience. "I gave the coronavirus to the entire country. And Zika and H1N1. Let's not forget about all the great diseases!"

The lengthy shoot wrapped roughly a year ago, per Andre, who added that at one point he and Lil Rel Howery had a knife pulled on them in Atlanta. It's best to hear Andre tell the story, which begins with a prank in which the two "put our penises in a Chinese finger trap."

The Kimmel appearance also included a fresh prank sequence in which Andre dressed as Beyoncé, a.k.a. "BeAndre," and surprised fans who were filming emotional video messages about their adoration for the singer. Naturally, this set-up resulted in both an off-the-cuff penning of a song about lemonade and a big crate of bees.

The Kitao Sakurai-directed Bad Trip is out on April 24 via Orion Pictures. Revisit the official trailer, which promises that "the reactions are really fucking real," below:

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