A number of familiar faces were brought together—the inimitable NoHo Hank among them—to recreate a group of neighbors’ masturbation-centered argument that’s said to have originally taken place on the Nextdoor app.

For the unfamiliar, Nextdoor is a platform geared toward individual neighborhoods, with the intent of providing people the opportunity to share tips, buy and/or sell items, spew often unnecessary complaints, and more. Due to humans being humans, arguments are also spurred on the platform, including the one brought to life in the inaugural edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s Nextdoor Theatre segment.

The three-minute clip—which originally debuted via the Huffington Post—opens with a disclaimer of sorts, reading, “The following presentation is a dramatic re-enactment of an actual discussion between real neighbors on the Nextdoor app.” From there, we are introduced to the argument-spurring complaint, namely an alleged public masturbation incident.

The full cast of re-enactment participants is truly stacked and includes Donald Glover, Giancarlo Esposito, Jamie Lee Curtis, Brian Tyree Henry, Adam Scott, Nick Kroll, Lisa Kudrow, Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Jake Johnson, Michael Chiklis, Sam Richardson, Eiza Gonzalez, Diane Kruger, Jason Segel, Henry Winkler, and the aforementioned Anthony Carrigan.

Catch the full clip, featuring a surprise pop-in from Guillermo, up top.

Would-be host Jimmy Kimmel revealed this week he had again tested positive for COVID-19, resulting in John Mulaney and Andy Samberg being enlisted to serve as co-hosts in his absence.

“Thanks to John Mulaney & Andy Samberg for hosting tonight, interviewing each other and bringing fanny packs back in a big way,” Kimmel later said of the duo’s stint. See more from Mulaney and Samberg below, including a 13-minute clip of the two comedians interviewing each other.