Desus and Mero Mock DJ Envy for Walking Out of His Own Show

The brand is strong.

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The hosts of the most popular show in late night, a show that welcomes illustrious guests only, have addressed DJ Envy's hilarious mid-interview walkout.

Tonight on DESUS & MERO: Behind the Breakfast Club. 11pm.

— DESUS & MERO on VICELAND (@DesusandMeroVL) March 15, 2018

As you surely know, Envy waited an entire month to get publicly upset about some jokes Desus Nice and The Kid Mero made on their Viceland show. During the cable TV-saving duo's Breakfast Club interview Thursday, Envy demanded an apology—which he got—before ultimately walking out of his own show.


Noting that they are comedians and joke about everything, including "llamas fucking," the two responded to what's become one hell of a viral clip on Thursday's new episode of Desus and Mero. "So we made a joke about you being on a show with your wife, discussing why, I don't gotta say it, y'all know why y'all was there, ok?" Desus said. "We made a joke about that, and you're getting mad at me?"

Mero backed up Desus, pointing out that the original Envy clip in question that was mocked on their show way back in February was basically asking for it. "Fam, you went on a nationally televised show, a syndicated show," he pointed out. "When you turn the TV on, it's there, Mario Lopez is talking about it. Y'all went on TV dressed like you were going to Essence Fest to talk about your messiness."

Envy's decision to wait a whole month to say anything, instead of just immediately calling them when the clip aired, also perplexed them. "You felt that strongly, and your wife wanted an apology, why didn't you call us that same night?" Desus asked. "Why you waiting until we come on your show and now you have one of the most highly trafficked viral clips going and y'all trending on Twitter? How strong is the brand?"

Very strong. As expected, this latest clip closes out with a heartfelt message of peace:

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