When you want to chop it up with someone who's been bitten by a very famous chimp, the choice is clear: Rashida Jones. Bubbles, Michael Jackson's revered pet chimpanzee, once bit her on the hand and Jones still has the scar to prove it. As Desus and Mero explained on their aptly titled VICELAND series Desus & Mero on Tuesday, such a story goes far beyond the confines of the usual flex.

"To be fair, she's only here because her father is Spike Jonze," Desus joked at the top of the segment before the real Spike Jonze waltzed through the set. After Jonze made himself comfortable off camera, Desus continued: "We have a special segment on the show where we talk about if you've ever been bitten by a monkey." Then Jones dove into the legendary tale.

"You can see still," Jones said, showing off the Bubbles markings. "It was the '80s. He was wearing, like, a full little overall jumpsuit just trying to pretend he's a human." Bubbles also, Jones noted, looked her "dead in the eye" during their encounter. "I was trying to punish him because he threw something at me," Jones said. "I, like, hit him on the head and was like 'No!' because I had seen him...Michael had punished him before. He just grabbed my hand looked me dead in the eye."

And where is dear Bubbles now? According to the Broward-Palm Beach New Times, Bubbles is currently hanging out at a Florida sanctuary: