Desus on DJ Envy Being Linked to Alleged Real Estate Scammer: 'What a Serious Story. It’s Definitely Not Funny'

Desus and Envy, of course, have well-documented history. Here, Desus takes a look at the arrest of an alleged real estate scammer who used to do seminars with "DJ Envious."

Video via Comedy Central

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Video via Comedy Central

Desus Nice has addressed the recent arrest and charging of a real estate influencer who held seminars with The Breakfast Club's DJ Envy, with whom he's publicly feuded in the past.

On Tuesday's The Daily Show, Desus—who's guest-hosting the series this week—joked about this “important financial news.” Per Desus, this particular bit of news is “so important I have to put on my spectacles.” In fact, the host noted that the seriousness of Daily Show meant that he couldn’t simply roll out a standard roasting.

"Wow. DJ Envy’s in trouble for real estate fraud," Desus said in the video above. "What a serious story. It’s definitely not funny. There’s certainly nothing personal that makes it funny to me. It’s not like Raashaun accosted me on the radio for making a little joke about him and his wife, which I only thought we were friends. It’s not like you called me 'dickhead' and then got so mad he locked himself in the studio for the rest of the show and then told the building security I was a threat. But even if that happened, that’s all in the past! I’m just reading the news."

Longtime Desus & Mero fans need no reminding that Envy played a key role in one of the former duo’s running jokes. In 2019, the two reflected on the beef (which at one point saw Envy demanding an apology over jokes about him and Gia Casey) and joked they had recently sent Envy an Edible Arrangements gift signed "Happy Anniversary from Dickhead and Pussy" to commemorate one year since the viral moment that started it all.

On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Desus jokingly referred to Envy as "DJ Envious" and mocked a recently resurfaced clip of Envy saying he had called Fabolous, DJ Clue, and Joe Budden when he first got into real estate. The latter, notably, apparently told Envy he thought the operation was a Ponzi scheme that would lead to jail time. 

"That clip is not funny," Desus after playing the clip. "We are not laughing at this. We are also not asking, 'Who’s the dickhead now?' I’m being serious. Look at these spectacles. This could have happened to anybody. Whenever I’m doing financial transactions I also get advice from Joe Budden, Fabolous, and DJ Clue."

Elsewhere, Desus stated he didn’t want Envy to go to prison and asked viewers to imagine being behind bars for “one of the corniest crimes in hip-hop history.” He also reiterated that he was simply “doing the news,” pointing out that the news just so happens to be, in his words, that Envy’s “a man who turns tables and now the tables have turned.”

See more up top. Envy recently spoke about Cesar Pina's wire fraud arrest and the allegations against him on The Breakfast Club, saying he too lost money. Envy added that it's "totally not true," however, that he was involved in the alleged fraud.

Pina himself has also spoken out. In a recent Instagram Live session, he called the past couple months “a little crazy” and said he was unable to “say anything.” He then proceeded to say some things, including expressing frustration at Envy being criticized in connection with the allegations.

“DJ Envy has nothing to do with any of these 20 lawsuits of these people who are suing me,” he said.

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