This Map Shows Just How Powerful El Chapo's Empire Really Is

DEA map proves just how far El Chapo's power extends beyond Mexico and into America.

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Though it’s generally safe to assume that someone who is able to loudly escape from prison (twice!) with relative ease and an obvious sense of confidence is most likely a pretty powerful individual, we now have some visual proof. If we check the DEA-created scoreboard above we notice that one Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán is in fact just as ridiculously powerful as his storied history of eluding virtually every form of law enforcement in the land would imply.

The map comes from the DEA’s most recent intelligence report, published in July, and thoroughly outlines the regions of the United States most influenced by Mexico’s biggest drug cartels. The orange and light-orange areas of the map? That obvious majority represents El Chapo’s own Sinaloa cartel’s stronghold on the underground trade. "El Chapo is without a doubt one of, if not the most, dangerous men in the world," a DEA spokesperson tells the Huffington Post. "He’s responsible for the death of thousands of Mexican citizens and all the violence that goes along with drug trafficking."

El Chapo, who currently has a $5 million reward attached to his name for information leading to his recapture, escaped from a maximum security facility earlier this year. After a series of supposed close calls, including an injury during a traffic accident before a dicey escape from a nearby hospital, the current leading theory is that El Chapo is just hanging out in the mountains somewhere, presumably avoiding any and all deceptive animals.

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