Darth Vader's Iconic Suit Would Cost a Totally Reasonable $18.3 Million in Real Life

Darth Vader, hypebeast?

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Darth Vader may have been a shitty father, but that doesn't mean he was a shitty dresser. In fact, according to what is surely the most definitive cost breakdown of Vader's black-on-black mystique in history, Vader's digs destroyed his intergalactic wallet to the tune of $18.3 million.

"Darth Vader is arguably the most memorable character from the Star Wars universe," Shade Station, the mathematical minds responsible for this proof of Vader's ability to get off some truly top-shelf fits, accurately claim in their introduction. "His suit is one of the most iconic costumes in film history, but how much would that suit cost in real life?"

Well, for starters, Vader's NASA-like "base suit" comes in at a cool $12 million. The voice synthesizer, however, runs just a single grand. Word of advice for all the burgeoning Vaders out there: maybe just start with the voice stuff, then work your way up.

As for the helmet, which is perhaps the most recognizable aspect of the Vader fit, its necessary augmented reality capabilities put it on track to set would-be Vaders back at least $600,000. Perhaps that's why George Lucas, at least according toScreenRant, initially imagined Darth Vader as a helmetless villain with a decidedly budget-friendly wardrobe.

Down to do some evil things while speaking with a cool, modulated voice but strapped for cash? Fear not. Other options do exist:

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