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If you suddenly found yourself in possession of over $3,000 worth of sex toys, what's the very first thing second or maybe the third thing you would do? If you quickly responded "Build a Darth Vader!" with a startling level of enthusiasm, then congratulations — the video above is for you.

Though George Lucas likely never imagined such a fate for the lord of darkness back in 1971, the dildo-centered ingenuity present throughout the creation of this seven-foot behemoth provides a nice dosage of sensual inspiration. Somehow, the unavoidable addition of copious amounts of black paint and surely chemical-ridden glues doesn't hinder the high.

The mastermind behind this experiment is adult film star Kayla-Jane, who you may or may not recognize as the star of Pleasure or Pain and Rope Restraint for Barefoot Girls. Considering how poorly Amy Schumer's own playful embodiment of the Star Wars universe was received by Lucasfilm and Disney, it's quite fun to imagine their thoughts on a giant Darth Vader made of synthetic dicks.