Violent White Supremacists Storm Black Child's Birthday Party in Atlanta Screaming Racial Slurs

Two smartphone videos obtained by AJC show the violent racists interrupting the child's party, threatening to "kill y'all n******."

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If you've ever wondered what it's like to live in the American South, then you need look no further than the bevy of violent racists currently thrusting themselves into the headlines in the wake of the nation finally experiencing its much-belated epiphany regarding the overtly racist overtones of the Confederate flag and any/all related paraphernalia. The same demographic awakened from their presumed slumber of marathon readings of Mein Kampf (just kidding; racists don't read!) following the election of Barack Obama have found renewed vigor for spreading their message of white-on-white-on-white since the Nazi backup flag's continued eradication, a still-in-progress removal process largely spurred by the Charleston Church Massacre's proven connections to white supremacist groups.

Though they likely do very little else with such urgency, this unique brand of racists have made a united point of strapping Confederate flags (and equally putrid variations) to their big boy trucks and driving them around until the sun fades their red and blue hues to the point of a faded urine-tinged yellow (presumably). However, one particular group of Confederate supporters in Atlanta decided that forcing other people to stare at a hate symbol in traffic simply isn't enough — opting instead for interrupting a young black child's birthday by pulling onto the lawn and screaming racial slurs.

According to witnesses, the perpetrators were armed and said they would "kill y’all n******." Sadly, current reports suggest that the police did absolutely nothing — and are only investigating the incident in light of the exposed video.


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