Chewbacca Arrested While Driving His Dear Friend Darth Vader to the Polls in Ukraine

Darth is an anonymous candidate for mayor, running as a member of the Ukraine Internet Party.

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Noted societal disrupterChewbacca was apparently arrested by Ukrainian police at a polling station in Odessa after violating local law against "public campaigning on election day," according toNBC News. Chewie, who was simply driving his pal (?) Darth Vader to the polls, was ultimately fined the American equivalent of eight ridiculous dollars:

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Darth Vader, or this current incarnation of Darth Vader, was attempting to nab a mayoral spot as a member of the Ukraine Internet Party. The Guardian notes that Darth Vaders are quite frankly nothing new for Ukrainian elections, citing a previous report that counted 16 Vaders participating in a 2014 parliamentary vote. In fact, some of these Vaders go as far as legally changing their names, which is nothing if not admirable.

Though local police described the arrest as "nothing unusual," the rest of the world disagrees. Sadly, a series of notably less lighthearted hiccups also burdened the day’s elections, including an outright cancelation in the city of Mariupol.

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