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Though he's known for many dark-centric activities, the incomparable Darth Vader is perhaps best known for possessing the strongest Force Choke in the galaxy. Though a brief history of Vader's chokings doesn't necessarily give his skills of air restriction their full due, the montage below certainly provides a thorough introduction to the craft:

However, such footage lacks the oft-desired POV perspective. What's it like to Force Choke someone in the middle of Comic-Con's San Diegan festivities? I'm still not entirely sure, but the minds at WIRED have now given us a bit more perspective via a heavy helping of imagination and a stealthy GoPro camera (see above).

The most fascinating part of this playful social experiment is that practically everyone plays along, without question. Comic-Con devotees aside, would a similar experiment have the same results if filmed during, say, Bonnaroo? Yes, actually. It most certainly would.