This Bizarre Instagram Account Stars a Woman Smashing Her Face Into Different Types of Bread

Bread is the perfect food item for face smashing.

Just pretend I'm whispering this news to you, because we really don't want too many people to hear it: There's a new trend starting to emerge, something all the cool kids are doing, and it's still underground enough to count as still cool and totally forward-thinking if we just go ahead and adopt it right now. Just grab some bread and your own face, then get to smashing and 'gramming:

​Meet "Bread Face," an unidentified person (genius?) currently smashing her face into various types of bread for the sake of the 'gram. Only 14 bread-facing posts deep, @BreadFaceBlog already has a commendable amount of followers (just over 2,600 at the time of publication) who regularly provide their own insightful commentary on things like breads and faces:

The concept seems simple enough. As previously stated, grab some bread before swiftly smashing your face into it in a manner worthy of a 'gram. As any bread lover can attest, the possibilities are plentiful: classic white, whole wheat, the other one no one ever gets at Subway. But, as you can clearly surmise from these 'grams, eating bread is for your parents and grandparents to worry about.

BRB. Going to smash my face into some ciabatta.

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