Cops Reportedly Found Ecstasy Pills in Blac Chyna's Purse During Airport Arrest

The saga continues.

Image via @blacchyna

Blac Chyna's previously reported drunk-and-disorderly airport arrest in Austin just added another (alleged) wrinkle: ecstasy. Local authorities reportedly searched Chyna's purse after the arrest and discovered two white pills inside a sunglasses case, esteemed literary journal TMZ reports.

After noticing the pills' ecstasy-esque imprints, cops had them tested and discovered them to be very much of the MDMA variety. Of course, these alleged details add a bit more urgency to what was originally reported as a simple public intoxication incident. Sources also tell TMZ that Chyna quickly became "passively resistive" when approached by authorities, meaning she opted out of walking by simply letting her body act as dead weight.

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Chyna, as almost every headline from every major publication has already informed you, is currently in the middle of consciously coupling with Rob Kardashian. In fact, Rob reportedly drove at least 20 straight hours to pick Chyna up in Texas following this increasingly complicated incident. In related news, the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner crew appears decidedly less-than-enthused regarding the fresh union.

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