Rumors Suggest Real Life Superhero Beyoncé Might Soon Join 'The Avengers'

According to sources, Beyoncé might soon be joining the Marvel cinematic universe — an easy feat for the real-life superhero.

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Today in self-fulfilling prophecies, we bring you this: Beyoncé is currently rumored to be in talks to join a future Avengers film. Thus, the real-life superhero with an enviably loyal fan base (we see you, BeyHive) might soon become a Marvel-approved superhero in a billion-dollars-strong franchise. According to (don't laugh) The Daily Star, a senior executive at distributor Disney welcomes the addition of Beyoncé to the Marvel universe. "We would love to have Beyoncé on board," says the unnamed individual, "almost certainly as a newcomer to the screen from Marvel’s existing catalogue of comic book characters."

The Star claims that Beyoncé is being considered for the following roles (many of which make no sense in relation to Avengers or even Marvel at large), though a far more exciting approach would be to simply just allow Beyoncé to play herself in future Avengers entries:

Boom-Boom — the alter-ego of Tabitha Smith with a penchant for plasma bombs.

Tigra — fond of cats, not fond of crime.

Blink — possesses the ability to teleport herself (and others) anywhere she pleases, though this seems like something Beyoncé would probably already be able to do.

Hawkeye — fights with swords, has a boring name.

More to come, including but not limited to a retraction of these statements.


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