Superman Still Thinks He Can Take Batman in Final 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Trailer

This is so cute.

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This is cute, right? If the latest (and apparently final) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer is any indication, then our guy Superman is really convinced he can actually take Batman. In fact, the latest peek behind Zack Snyder's curtain pretty much confirms that Ben Affleck's Batman may very well be equal to or greater than our previous Dark Knight, Christian Bale.

Warner Bros. also gifted us with a fresh IMAX poster, teasing the general massiveness that next month promises:

For those into betting inordinate sums of money on fictional battles, just ignore the recent words of apparent Superman fan Stan Lee. "If this is real—a fight between Batman and Superman—there's no one who should bet on Batman," Lee told the Boston Herald last year. "[Superman is] indestructible and can do anything. Batman relies on weapons."

Whatever, Stan.

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