NLE Choppa Shoots Shot at Meagan Good Again After Being Told He’s ‘Too Young’

NLE Choppa once again shot his shot with Meagan Good days after she told TMZ that the rapper is "too young" for her. There's a 21-year age gap between the two.

Split image of NLE Choppa and Meagan Good

Image via Getty/Shareif Ziyadat/Albert L. Ortega

Split image of NLE Choppa and Meagan Good

NLE Choppa is still shooting his shot at Meagan Good.

The Memphis native took to Twitter on Tuesday, where he shared some portraits of himself, captioned with, “Ms. Good” and a heart eye emoji.

This new tweet comes after Good let the rapper know that he was “too young” for her to date. TMZ caught up with her after NLE was on The Jason Lee Show and the host called the actress on the phone. The call ended abruptly and NLE thought Good had hung up on her. 

“I did not [hang up the phone],” she told TMZ. “It got disconnected—my mom called and then I called him back ‘cause he’s a very sweet young man. It makes me sad that people are trying to drag him and make it seem like he was simping. No, he was very, very sweet—very, very respectful. And I did call back, I did not play the hell out of him.”

Good then told the outlet that “he’s too young for me,” but that she was “definitely flattered.”

When NLE caught wind of her comments, he responded on Twitter, writing, “Baby you ain’t too old, I ain’t too young, we just right in Gods eyes. Can we get a AMEN? @MeaganGood.”

There’s a 21-year age gap between Good and NLE: Good is 41 years old and NLE is set to turn 21 in November.

During The Jason Lee Show, the rapper told Lee, “Man, I’ve been waiting on her.” He continued, “I’ve been wanting to take her on a dinner. I wanna get some roses planned. I wanted to do some … shit I never did before for Meagan Good.”

NLE Choppa dropped off the deluxe version of Cottonwood 2 this week, which includes nine new tracks, including a remix of his song “Slut Me Out” with St. Louis rapper Sexyy Red. The new iteration also has collaborations with Gino2x on “Clyde and DoDo,” Russ Millions on “Shake It,” Fridayy on “Will Not Lose,” and Arrdee on “Envy.

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