Spencer's Weirdest Hallucinations on Last Night's Noir-Themed "Pretty Little Liars"

Poppin' pills leads to some dirty thoughts.

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Last night's special Pretty Little Liars functioned as a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of taking Adderrall to finish that midterm paper. Apparently, if you abuse it, you will fall into an uncomfortable hallucination about your friends, as resident overachiever Spencer (Troian Bellisario) demonstrated on the show's noir-themed episode (which didn't further the plot at all). Additionally, all of your friends will look like a weird cross between Toddlers & Tiaras and Lana Turner, and the men in your life will start talking like they're reading from cue cards positioned somewhere behind your head. 

To make it clear: last night's episode took place entirely in Spencer's mind, while she was washing dishes, revealing qualities fans never fully glimpsed in the girl. Here's a breakdown of Spencer's weirdest hallucinations on last night's episode, and what it all means*.

Alison's Portrait 

Meaning: Spencer's experiencing Stockholm Syndrome with her torturer.

Hanna Working a Switchboard Just Because

Meaning: Spencer's resentful of unmotivated rich kids.

Emily and Paige Having Sex

Meaning: Spencer's bi-curious.

Mona Reciting Bizarre Lines

Meaning: Spencer thinks in outdated idioms.

Toby Repeatedly Appearing Out of Nowhere

Meaning: Spencer's crazy dependent on her boyfriend. 

*Disclaimer: This psychiatric evaluation has been done by a non-professional whose only training was helping her friends through boyfriend troubles.

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