The Liars are back. The leads on Pretty Little Liars are basically up to everything they've been up to for the last four seasons: tracking down Ali (Sasha Pietrese) and dodging A (Ian Harding). Except this time, the audience knows Ali's alive, that Ezra is A (appropriate, 'cause he's been a pedophile this whole time and no one really thought that was awful), and that Mona (Janel Parrish) will always be Mona—a conniving, sometimes accomplice/sometimes vengeful Bratz doll. It will surprise no one if everything comes up Mona in the end. As for the lies that got these girls their moniker in the first place, the secret's out. It's been out for a solid two seasons: Aria (Lucy Hale) was seduced by a teacher, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) was seduced her sister's fiance, Emily (Shay Mitchell) was seduced by the ladies, and Hanna (Ashley Benson) was seduced by food Fat Camp.

Not to mention, the Liars have made Ali seem so damn awful—she's spent the entirety of high school dodging her friends, knowing they're severely distraught over her disappearance, possibly all for shits and giggles— that only masochists would want to track her down. The only Liar with a plausible case for bringing Alison DiLaurentis back to Rosewood is Emily, who was tragically in love with the sociopath. But hell, even her emo self spent last night's episode talking it out with her girlfriend and coming to the conclusion that, well, "Screw it."

But it's hard to abandon a series you've dedicated countless hours of your life to, no matter how much it's dicked you around. So, for my sanity and the sanity of all the other Liars fans thinking of abandoning the show, here's a handy guide to help you decide if you should stick with it.

Reasons to keep watching

1. Hanna's attempt to be the Sherlock Holmes of the group gives her hilarious scenes with Spencer, the resident genius who thinks Hanna is dumb as bricks. 

2. More cheesy moments of the girls completing each other's thoughts, just to fill in creepy music moments with more than just knowing glances. For example, last night's entries:

  1. Emily: "Knock, knock..." Aria: "Who's there?" (Emily wasn't starting a joke.)
  2. Aria: "We just know that it's somebody." Emily: "Somebody's daughter, somebody's friend." Spencer: "Rest in peace, Jane Doe."

3. Closure.

Reasons to jump ship


1. The writers are stretching out a mystery that's essentially been solved, and dedicating entire episodes just to highlight where the girls are emotionally, for the sake of stuffing an episode.

2. Spencer doesn't wear her weird hats anymore. 

3. You're failing English because you're relying on Mr. Fitz's lessons on Jekyll and Hyde to get you through your term paper. Maybe, like, read.

The choice is yours.

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