Pop Quiz: Josh Hutcherson or a LEGO?

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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Image via Complex Original
Not Available Lead

Josh Hutcherson is a man chiseled to perfection. Just look at that enviable jaw line. Couple that with the fact that he's one of the most crushed on dudes in Hollywood right now thanks to The Hunger Games, and he's simply unstoppable. He's so flawless, in fact, that he almost doesn't look real. 

It's no wonder that since his big breakout, the interwebz have compared him to LEGO pieces. LEGO dudes have the same boxy look, and a resting face that always looks like they're kinda smiling at you. That is, unless they're instructed (or drawn) to look otherwise. They're so similar that it's sometimes hard to tell between the two. So the question is, can you tell which—

OK, calm down. This is the Complex Pop Culture challenge: Josh Hutcherson or LEGO? 

Can you tell between...

Nerd LEGO and Nerd Josh?

Image via Lego Wikia / Image via YouTube 

Cool Hat LEGO and Cool Hat Hutcherson?

Image via Just Jared / Image via Deviant Art

Sexy Hair LEGO and Sexy Hair Hutcherson?

Image via Just Jared / Image via Jay's Brick Blog

Just Walkin' Around LEGO and Just Walkin' Around Josh?

Image via Phil Are Go / Image via WeHeartIt

Jazzy LEGO and Jazzy Josh?

Image via Celebrity Fashion / Image via FlickrRiver

Hunger Games LEGO and Hunger Games Hutcherson?

 Image via LEGO / Image via Lionsgate

And the answers are...

1. Real Josh is on the right.
2. Real Josh is on the left.
3. Real Josh is on the left.
4. Real Josh is on the right.
5. Real Josh is on the left.
6. Trick question mothafuckas!!

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