"True Detective" Scores HBO's Best Premiere Ratings In Nearly Four Years

Not bad.

Image via HBO

Big news for HBO's new crime drama True Detective: According to Vulture, the series has managed to pull in some of HBO's best debut ratings in nearly four years, since the series premiere of Boardwalk Empire in 2010. 

Specifically, Sunday's premiere of True Detective earned a total of 2.3 million viewers, which is higher than the premiere of Game of Thrones in 2011 (2.2 million viewers), and the premiere of The Newsroom in 2012 (2.1 million viewers). Not bad, when you consider the fact that the Tina Fey- Amy Poehler-hosted Golden Globes were airing at the same time!

Also worth noting: The season three premiere of Girls, which also aired on Sunday, returned to its best ratings ever, pulling in a total of 1.1 million viewers—up 28 percent from the season two premiere. So, overall, it was a pretty great night for HBO.

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[via Vulture]

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