This New Trailer For "The Real World: Ex-Plosion" Is Exactly What You'd Expect

Which is to say, trashy reality television at its best.

When a reality show is on its last leg like MTV's The Real World is (last leg meaning, it's literally on the brink of cancellation) there's only one possible way to try and save it. No, of course that doesn't mean you actually make the series interesting again, like it used to be back in the early '90s before everyone figured out that acting like a drunken idiot on television got ratings—that'd be logical. It means you just make it even more trashy. 

So, that's exactly what MTV is doing with this upcoming season of The Real World: Subtitled "Ex-Plosion," the season will feature not only seven 20-somethings living in a house together, but, as a bonus, their exes as well. Additionally, the series is returning to San Francisco for the first time since the 1994 third season, probably to tarnish the memories of just how great that season was.

Judging by this trailer, though, if trashy is what they were going for, they've gone above and beyond: There's fighting! Sex! Drama! A pregnancy test discarded in a trash can! This season is going to put Jersey Shore's worst season to shame.

[via Vulture]

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