OK, so good news and bad news: Good news is, the next season of The Real World is set to return to San Francisco, the city where it's highly acclaimed season featuring the late HIV/AIDs activist Pedro Zamora was filmed in 1994. Bad news, the show is nowhere nearly as thought-provoking as it was in 1994 when Pedro taught a generation of teens about HIV and AIDs, so this upcoming season will probably be yet another Jersey Shore-esque shitshow with like, clam chowder. 

This is also sort of bad news, depending on who you ask: According to Variety, MTV has officially picked up the longtime reality series for a 29th season, but it's said the episodes will "make or break" the struggling series. In other words, if the show doesn't do well next year, MTV will likely be axing it from the schedule. Ratings have been at an all-time low recently, so producers are hoping a return to San Francisco will drive up viewership from those who watched the original San Fran season twenty years ago.

Maybe if they cast people who aren't going to cause unnecessary drama and be drunken messes in front of the camera just for airtime, this concept could work out—The Real World once succeeded because it was real, taught the viewers about life and human nature, and really made you think. 

Variety also reports that insiders are hinting at some possible "format tweaks" in the upcoming season. Whether or not those changes will have anything to do with making viewers not feel as if their brain cells are dying with every passing second of the show, however, remains to be seen.

[via Variety]