New Images of Emma Watson, Paris Hilton and More In "The Bling Ring" Hit the Web

Hermione Granger, what are you doing?

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First things first: If you haven't already checked out the super compelling teaser for Sofia Coppola's upcoming flick The Bling Ring, go do that right this second. Done? Good - now that you've gotten an eyeful of Hermione Granger Emma Watson working a stripper pole, check out these brand new behind-the-scenes pics of the cast plus Paris Hilton that just hit the web. Who else is wondering if those pillows actually belong to Hilton?

The photos also feature This is 40 star Leslie Mann, who plays the mother of Watson and Taissa Farmiga's characters - someone Coppola describes as "that Mom who thinks her kids are beautiful and obviously should be stars...Hollywood attracts a lot of people like that," - and Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, who portrays a LA club promoter.

The film focuses on Watson and Farmiga's characters, two adopted sisters who, along with a group of other teens, manage to burglarize a string of homes belonging to stars like Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Rachel Bilson. As Farmiga puts it: "...they wanted anything that’d been touched by a celebrity or worn by a celebrity or hung in a celebrity’s closet. They were lost, they didn’t have the best parents and tabloids were telling the how great it is to be famous and have money and no boundaries."

The story surrounds the same real-life events that took place in 2008, and is heavily based on the article "The Suspects Wore Louboutins" by Nancy Jo Sales, about the group of teens - who were nicknamed the "Bling Ring" - that ran in Vanity Fair after they were apprehended by police. Fun fact: It's the same article that Bling Ring participant Alexis Neiers totally freaked out about during her short-lived E! reality series, Pretty Wild

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