Margot Robbie Might Be Jane In New "Tarzan" Movie

She's in talks for the role.

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It looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of The Wolf of Wall Street's biggest breakout star, Margot Robbie, in the near future: According to The Wrap, Robbie is in talks to portray Jane in David Yates' upcoming Tarzan adaptation, opposite True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard, who would, of course, be Tarzan. A really pale, Swedish Tarzan.

While Robbie's reps have not yet commented on the casting news, here's what The Wrap had to say:


As for Z for ZachariahRobbie is reported to be in talks to replace Amanda Seyfried in that role, who was forced to drop out of the film when her schedule changed and the studio decided that her character should be slightly older. Fun fact, Seyfried is actually five years older than Robbie, so it's not clear what the studio means by that. But hey, at least we'll get to see Robbie in another role.

In that project—which was adapted by Nissar Modi from Robert O’Brien’s post-apocalyptic novel—Robbie will star opposite Chris Pine and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

[via The Wrap]

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