Man Gets 80 Years in Prison for Using a Counterfeit $20 to Buy Snacks

All he wanted was a hot dog.

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A man who was busted in 2009 for using a counterfeit $20 bill to buy some snacks at a movie theater in Texas was sentenced this an astonishing 80 years in prison. 

The man, Charles Cleveland Nowden, was attempting to buy two hot dogs, two sodas, and some popcorn when he was busted. While using counterfeit money is no joke, we gotta say, 80 years seems a little rough when, as Gawker points out, a corporate executive in Austin, TX was busted for a $75 million ponzi scheme and he only got 17 years in prison.

It should be mentioned that Nowden does have a previous criminal record, which could have contributed to the sentencing. And, under Texas sentencing guidelines, it's possible that he may be released after serving 15 years.

[Via Gawker]

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