Heather Graham Joins "Californication" For Season Seven

Hank Moody, you dog.


Yes, Californication is still on. No, Hank Moody still hasn't got his shit together. No, Hank and Karen are not back together yet. Yes, Hank (David Duchovny, of course) is still getting it on with guest stars. Whereas last season the honors went to Maggie Grace as Faith, a former nun-turned-rock star groupie, according to Uproxx, it looks like next season will belong to The Hangover star Heather Graham

Apparently, Graham has booked a season-long arc where she will be portraying a woman from Hank's past whose arrival "upends his life." Isn't his life always being upended though? How is her presence going to make his day different from any other day that ends in a 'y'? Color us skeptical, but it is nice to know that at least Hank's type - blonde, hot, female - hasn't changed. 

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[via Uproxx]

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