Grumpy Cat Has a Movie Deal, and a Cat Agent

And the rest of us do not.

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Grumpy Cat is going places, you guys. According to Deadline, the Internet's most unamused meme will be starring in a "Garfield-like" family movie that will feature her as a talking cat. Unconvinced this is the best idea ever? We suggest that you go and check out Grumpy Cat's videoblog where she talks all about her tour of NYC, and how she's not grumpy, that's just how her face is shaped.

Anyway, the project was reportedly put together by Grumpy Cat's reps - manager Ben Lashes, and rep Al Hassas - in conjunction with Broken Road Productions' Todd Garner and Sean Robins.

Fun fact - according to a profile in the Wall Street Journal, Grumpy Cat's manager, Lashes, has actually built his career on being an agent for Internet cats. When he sees a picture of a cat go viral on the web, he immediately contacts the pet's owner "and offers to help strategize ways to prolong, protect and monetize." He also created a social media strategy for the Keyboard Cat video, and, in addition to Grumpy Cat, he counts both Princess Monster Truck and the creator of Nyan Cat as his clients. So, he's kind of like the Ari Gold for cat celebrities. There's a new idea for a show, HBO!

The profile also gave us a little insight into whether or not making it big in Hollywood is enough to make Grumpy Cat happy:


So, no, it's not.

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