Bret Easton Ellis Won't Be Adapting "Fifty Shades of Grey" into a Film

He's disappointed.


Bad news for Bret Easton Ellis - though he was apparently super-eager to get to work adapting Fifty Shades of Grey into a film, as indicated by his enthusiastic tweets on the subject, Vulture is reporting that the American Psycho author is out of the running for the project. "It's a very major disappointment to announce that I've somehow been taken off the list of possible screenwriters for Fifty Shades of Grey..." he tweeted today, probably while sobbing into his keyboard or something. Why do we think this? His next tweet: "Fifty Shades of Grey: The 25-year-old asks 'Why are you so bummed? You dodged a fucking bullet.' My response: 'I'm tired. I'm going to bed.'"

It's OK, Bret, there's always The Canyons - or, if that's not enough, fanfiction! Which, interestingly, is how Fifty Shades itself got started, so you know, it's worth a shot. 

[via Vulture]

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