"Galak-Z" Getting A Vita Release

Inspired by "new wave" roguelikes.


Handheld fans of hardcore games will be happy to learn that 17-Bit's upcoming 2D scifi roguelike Galak-Z is coming to PS Vita, as announced by the developers on the PlayStation Blog. Inspired by the success of so-called "New Wave" roguelikes in the vein of Don't Starve and Spelunky, Galak-Z takes a Robotech-esque aesthetic approach to the genre as you pilot your ship around randomly generated environments that build on each other as you play.

The Vita has in the past year become quite the indie stronghold, and 17-Bit credits Spelunky's success on the system as a big influence on bringing the PS4 and PC game to the handheld platform.

"Spelunky is also great at giving satisfying play sessions of anywhere from three minutes to three hours," said 17-Bit's Raj Joshi on the PlayStation Blog. "It makes us even more excited to get Galak-Z on the go."

While there's not that much info yet to go on, Galak-Z's sheer number of moving parts and potentially deep progression mechanics sound pretty conceptually interesting, and 17-Bit's previous title Skulls of the Shogun speaks for itself. The game will be out later this year, but you can read more about it via the link below.

[Via PlayStation Blog]

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