Are Summer Walker and Lil Meech Back Together? A Full Relationship Timeline

Summer Walker and Lil Meech are back together after splitting in August. Here is a complete timeline of their relationship.

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Summer Walker and Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr.’s on-again, off-again relationship has made multiple headlines throughout the year. 

In early 2023, the two’s romance blossomed into a relationship in front of millions. Not only did they shock fans, but many also deemed their partnership unsuccessful. The two were seen hanging out on multiple occasions in April, sparking romance rumors. Throughout the year, the pair faced numerous cheating allegations, alleged breakups, and drama. 

Many may know Flenory, a.k.a. “Lil Meech,” as the son of drug lord Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory Sr. The 23-year-old gained fame portraying his father in 50 Cent’s dramatized hit series BMF

Upon their breakup in August, the two’s short-lived romance was reported as over, according to Ms. Walker. “I tried my best to be Jayda Wayda, but I couldn’t. It was cute, though. I wish him the best,” she penned on her Instagram story. 

But things took a turn for the better after the singer confirmed she and Meech are back together. In recent news, the “Session 32” singer posted multiple photos of the two, even one showing Meech kissing her cheek, confirming their reunion. 

As the pair take their relationship for another spin, here is a complete timeline of their relationship, including the drama that has always seemed to follow them. 

Summer Walker and Lil Meech romance rumors begin 

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Date: April 2023

In April, fans speculated that Lil Meech and Summer Walker were dating. Upon the two posting similar content on their Instagram story, fans investigated the images that led to romance speculations. 

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Following the devotee-led analysis, a video of the two entering the club together surfaced. In the recording, Meech is seen near the DJ booth, waiting on Summer, as she seemingly appeared to be incognito. She rocked jeans and a pink jacket paired with a pink ski mask, insisting on keeping her identity hidden. The photo inevitably went viral, pointing out that it was indeed her. 

Lil Meech posted Summer wearing his chain

Date: May 2023

Amid romance rumors, Lil Meech seemingly confirmed that the two were hanging out after he posted a sweet candid photo of Walker. In the picture, the mother of three was sporting Meech’s gigantic BMF chain. He wrote heart eyes on the pic, expressing his love for the singer. 

Later that day, Walker took over his Instagram stories and posted silly videos and photos of the two while hanging out. 

Lil Meech claims “Summer is mine” after cheating allegation

Date: May 2023

Shortly after the couple made their debut on Meech’s social media, a cheating allegation surfaced. A woman posted a picture of her and Meech in bed together as he napped. The media went into a frenzy, claiming that Meech was cheating on Summer, but the actor confirmed that the post was old news. “This is two years ago [cap]. Summer is mine,” he commented under the Neighborhood Talk IG post

Summer Walker confirms relationship with Meech

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Date: May 2023

The “Girls Need Love” singer addressed her relationship with the BMF star in a sit-down interview with Yung Miami on the Caresha Pleasepodcast. On the show, she revealed that the two are dating. “Is it giving Big Meech or little Meech?” Miami asked. “It’s giving Big Meech,” she timidly confirmed. “Look, he’s a good man, Savannah,” the vocalist joked, referring to the Waiting to Exhale viral line. 

“I wanted at least, like, six months before people started to investigate. Like damn,” Walked continued. “I really just wanted to give it some time. You know, it’s fresh. You never know what can happen, but so far, it’s great.”

Their red carpet debut at the 2023 BET Awards

Date: June 2023

The couple debuted their relationship publicly for the first time at the 2023 BET Awards. The pair complimented each other and wore matching black attire. They snuggled up for cameras as Meech planted a kiss on Walker’s cheek. 

Lil Meech and Summer Walker split after a viral cheating allegation 

Date: August 2023

The actor got caught up in heavy heat after another cheating accusation arose. In a Ring recording of a nearby neighbor, Meech is seen entering an apartment with a female. 

The R&B sensation addressed the news, seemingly fed up, penning, “Tried my best to be Jayda Wayda but I couldn’t. It was cute though. I wish him the best,” on her Instagram caption. She added, “Can’t do that cheating stuff,” confirming their split. 

Later, Meech addressed the allegation with a video, saying, “Damn, I can’t help my cousin bring the bags in the house. Went to the grocery store man” but there were no grocery bags in sight. The video went viral on social media as people used Meech’s audio to react to the recording and troll the situation. 

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Walker and Meech reconcile 

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Date: October 2023

After their split in August, the pair decided to give their love another shot. The Over It artist confirmed that she and Meech were back in good graces. The star took to her Instagram story to share a photo of Meech kissing her cheek, confirming their reconciliation. In addition to the sweet post, she shared a picture of them wearing matching denim outfits. Later, Walker gave a glimpse of her day at the pumpkin patch with others, including Meech. The reunion came as a surprise after their public breakup a few months back. 

Pregnancy rumors spiral 

Date: November 2023

From a series of photos, fans claim that the star is allegedly expecting her fourth child with Meech. “Lil lil meech ain’t coming no time soon lol relax. I’m finna tour soon no time for that right now,” she captioned on her Instagram story of a DM screenshot between her and a fan. 

The couple sparked further rumors after Walker addressed the speculation in a trolling IG post. The star posted a T-shirt featuring a mugshot of herself that read, “Reward up to $10M for information leading up to the arrest of ‘Summer Walker.’ Guess how many months I am for a cash prize.” 

“Lay stupid games, win stupid prizes. Link in story. Colab @erykahbadu,” she captioned the post. 

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