Salma Hayek Claims Donald Trump Planted Tabloid Story About Her After She Turned Him Down

Salma Hayek claims in a new interview that Trump planted a tabloid story about her height after she turned him down for a date.

Salma Hayek Paris Fashion Week

Salma Hayek Paris Fashion Week

Salma Hayek Paris Fashion Week

While appearing on El Show del Mandril on Radio Centro 93.9 to get out the vote for Hillary Clinton, actress Salma Hayek let loose a story about her opponent Donald Trump. She claims that he once asked her out while she had a boyfriend, and then, after she said no, planted a false story in the National Enquirer about how he refused to date her because of her height.

Trump's extremely close relationship with the Enquirer and its CEO David Pecker (no, really—that's his name) has been well-documented during this campaign season. 

During Hayek's appearance Friday on the Spanish-language radio show, she was asked if she believed the women who have accused Trump of sexually assaulting them, according to Buzzfeed. She said that she did, and that led her into recalling her own creepy encounter with The Donald, which happened before she was famous:

"When I met that man, I had a boyfriend, and he tried to become his friend to get my home telephone number," she said. "He got my number and he would call me to invite me out. When I told him I wouldn’t go out with him even if I didn’t have a boyfriend, he called—well, he wouldn’t say he called, but someone told the National Enquirer... It said that he wouldn’t go out with me because I was too short. Later, he called and left me a message. ‘Can you believe this? Who would say this? I don’t want people to think this about you. He thought that I would try to go out with him so people wouldn’t think that’s why he wouldn’t go out with me."

This was not the last time Trump was a creeper around Hayek. In 2008, he paid $120,000 at a charity auction (using money from his foundation, not his own) to win a vacation that included a meal with Hayek and her husband, though he ended up not going on the trip.

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