The Horror Movie From This Week’s ‘Mr. Robot’ Actually Exists…Sort Of

A long clip of the campy (fictional) 1980s horror movie seen briefly in this week’s ‘Mr. Robot’ has just been released.

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In this week's episode of Mr. Robot, lead character Elliott and his sister Darlene are briefly seen watching one of their favorite movies from childhood, a horror film from 1984 called The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie. Now the show's creators have released the first eight and a half minutes of the (fictional) film as a short that you can watch online here

Mr. Robot obsessives will undoubtedly be poring over the film, an homage to cheesy horror flicks of the 1980s, for clues to the show's universe. ...Bourgeoisie has all the hallmarks of a horror movie of the era, from stilted dialogue to decadent teenagers to gratuitous nudity to the overuse of killer POV shots. It is even made to look like it is being played on a worn VHS tape. And the film's villain wears a mask that should be familiar to any Mr. Robot viewer.

The movie features the masked killer unleashing mayhem on a New Year's Eve gathering of rich, unsupervised teens hopped up on champagne and (of course) plenty of cocaine. Fans of the show are already working overtime to figure out the relationship between the movie's protagonists, a spoiled, rich brother and sister, and Elliot and Darlene. And what does the film's villain, the siblings' Uncle Conrad, have to do with anything?

In another nod to Mr. Robot's mythology, the movie is put out by Elliot's nemesis Evil Corp.

The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie was created by Mr. Robot writer and producer Adam Penn. 

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