"Paranormal Activity 3" Has The Biggest Horror Movie Opening Ever At $54M

They scared off the competition.

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The third installment of faux-reality horror movie Paranormal Activity didn't just succeed in taking moviegoers by surprise with its unidentifiable bumps in the night, it shocked the box office too.

That's because Paranormal Activity 3, which cost Paramount only $5M to produce, pulled in a record-slashing $54M in its first weekend, massive numbers undoubtedly due to an anticipation-drumming Twitter campaign that promised early showings to the cities who tweeted about the movie most.

Far behind the horror franchise, Real Steel pulled in $10.9M in its third weekend, while Three Musketeers 3D grossed a sad $8.8M, a lackluster showing that likely has Summit's failure to adequately market the film to blame. Looks like Milla Jovovich was right!

But Paranormal's most impressive feat was not saving the box office from its near-epic slump, or even earning the ninth-highest box office numbers ever on a Friday night, but its annihilation of every horror movie, ever. That's right, Paranormal Activity just became the biggest horror movie opening off all time.

And all without spilling a single drop of blood. Impressive!

[Via Deadline]

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