Ice Cube and Chris Tucker To Reunite For Another "Friday" Movie [Video]

Next, next, next Friday?

TMZ ran into Tiny Lister this weekend, and the actor shared some shocking news. According to the Lister, Ice Cube and Chris Tucker are making plans to reunite for a sequel to what is inarguably the most important part of the stoner film canon (and our favorite day of the week), Friday.

Lister, who played Deebo in the original film, says Tucker recently took him aboard his private jet to discuss the possibility of a fourth Friday movie. Which is surprising news, considering Tucker had declined involvement in prior sequels because he felt his religious beliefs were discordant with the drug use of his (appropriately named) character, Smokey. But if Lister's claims are true, Tucker has re-examined his positon on his iconic role.

Also discussed? A follow-up film to 1997's The Fifth Element. Oh, to be a fly on that aircraft's walls! 

[via TMZ]

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