Watch Russell Crowe and Leslie Jones Play a Drinking Game

The hilarious promo features Leslie's signature crude joke style.

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Comedian and Saturday Night Live cast member Leslie Jones is loud, inappropriate, and crude and owns the hell out of it. She's gotten naked and afraid with Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage, got real withSeinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David, and is about to bust some ghosts in Paul Feig's female Ghostbusters remake this Summer.

In a promo for tonight's episode of Saturday Night Live, Leslie harks back to where she feels most comfortable (making other people feel uncomfortable) in a bar with New Zealand-born actor Russell Crowe. This is the actor's first time hosting the show despite his long career, and well, Leslie put him through a little bit of a shock. She even says, "Russell, I was surprised you was hosting the show as you only do dramatic stuff!" And in his signature sullen voice, he notes, "You shouldn't be surprised I'm hosting later, you should be surprised I'm doing comedy because I am hilarious," while looking up to the camera.

Jones says to Crowe, "I got a joke for you. Russell Crowe and Leslie Jones walk into a bar and then they f***," causing him to spit his cocktail out and spill it over the bar. He responds by awkwardly asking "Is there a punch line?" to which Jones answered, "Yeah, how you like your eggs?"

Then they played a drinking game where there is only one simple rule: Every time someone says "SNL", they have to drink. Simple enough, right? Watch the video above to see how it turns out.

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