Our culture is a little obsessed with seeing celebrities tortured in any way they can. Stick them in a jungle, stick them in a house with no way out, or just leak their racist sex tape—anything to make sure those poor wealthy people suffer. Naked and Afraid, however, sees normal people suffer by dropping them off in the middle of the jungle completely, well, naked, and that results in fear. 

In the spirit of their usual riffing on popular culture, last night's Saturday Night Live decided to give Naked and Afraid a much-needed celebrity twist with guest Peter Dinklage and cast member Leslie Jones. The two quickly conflict, as Peter's well-behaved, smart, and adaptive persona is contrasted with Leslie's brash and hilarious approach to survival. They could each bring one tool to assist survival, and while Peter's first instinct is to bring along a fire starter, Leslie brought the fire with hot sauce and puts it on everything. 

Watch the video above as Peter and Leslie's already tense relationship escalates as he does all the work (such as building a shelter), while she pretty much sexually harasses and subsequently tries to eat him, using none other than hot sauce of course.