Watch Kate McKinnon Roast Hillary Clinton's Attempts to Win New York

Clinton wants to watch that hot new Broadway show, 'Chicago'!

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Though Amy Poehler made her mark on Saturday Night Live with her impression of Hillary Clinton (alongside best friend Tina Fey as Sarah Palin), Kate McKinnon has been living up to Poehler's legacy very well, especially during 2016's election cycle. On last night's Saturday Night Live cold open, McKinnon donned a satin power suit to address centrist Clinton's losing streak over the past three weeks to her hard left Democrat opponent, Bernie Sanders

The skit plays on Clinton's tendency to pander to whatever obstacle comes in her way, most notably black culture (with the use of "fleek", dabbing on Ellen, her incorporation of Rosa Parks in her campaign logo) and Hispanics by referring to herself as an Abuela. 

Kenan Thompson comes in dressed as a repairman telling Clinton that he needs to repair seven holes in the wall, and yes, that's because she lost in seven states. McKinnon's Clinton says that this loss makes her "an underdog" as it humanizes her, adding that she had planned to lose. 

Because of this, McKinnon's Clinton decides to refocus herself on New York, which she claims is her home state "besides Illinois and Arkansas because they already voted for me." She then pulls out a New York Yankees snapback, a hot dog, and some nuts, which she pretends to eat. Of course, she said she's also going to "take in that hot new Broadway show, that's got all of NYC abuzz, Chicago!"

Watch the skit above to see Clinton awkwardly trying to take the New York City subway in order to pander further.

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