Swae Lee Has a Song Named After His Ex-Girlfriend on ‘SremmLife 3’

Rae Sremmurd discuss their third album with 'Rolling Stone.'

With their next project being planned as a triple-disc release, rap duo Rae Sremmurd still have plenty of work left to do including making some final choices about song titles. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the pair open their animal friendly home (two monkeys, two dogs, and two pigs deep) and brought brand new music with them.

Earlier this year, the pair revealed that their next project will consist of two "solo" albums from each of them, as well as a still unnamed group disc combining their styles. While Swae Lee described his side as "crazy melodic," he also shared that he was rethinking the title of a song called "Little Marliesia", named after his ex-girlfriend. 

"I might need to change that title because she's controversial now," he said, referring to Marliesia taking to social media to accuse Swae of cheating on her with Blac Chyna.

While it was assumed the pair broke up over the matter, she's present in the interview, described as braiding Swae's hair earlier on. "People think I cheated on her with Blac Chyna," Swae said, to which Marliesia asks flatly, "Did you?" Swae would go on to respond that he's "not a cheater," before Marliesia reportedly leans over to tell Swae to leave the song's title as is. While this doesn't automatically mean they're back together, but they seem to be on good enough terms even following the accusations. 

Swae would go on to play another song described as "reggaeton-ish," while Jxmmi said he "came out spraying" on his side of the project. Jxmmi also added that he wrote a verse for unlikely collaborator Zoe Kravitz, who appears on the album along with other guests like Young Thug, Future, and Travis Scott.

"She's savage. She's cool. She smokes. Her feature price about to go up," he said. 

Read the full interview here.

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