Exclusive: Watch "Spring Breakers" as Performed by Legos

The girls apply some dark tanning oil to Lego Alien.

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Complex Original

Image via Complex Original

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Harmony Korine's glorious day-glo nightmare, Spring Breakers, the best movie of 2013 (so far), is out on DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD this week. For the release, A24 Films, the studio distributing Korine's latest, put together this SBLego animation. In the first episode of Spring Breakers LegoStories, the girls help Alien apply his dark tanning oil. Check it above—and don't forget your shorts of every color.

For more original Complex animation, watch the below video, with James Franco as a rapping penguin.

Also, check out more on Spring Breakers on Complex TV's The Lego Stories below.

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