This Sci-Fi Short Film Conceptualizes a World With No Paper

This short film adaption of a Ken McLeod story tries to imagine a world in which paper does not exist.

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A world without paper is a difficult one to conceptualize but that's exactly the premise of this short sci-fi film. "Scattered," which is an adaption of a story by Ken MacLeod, rests on the argument that "when there is no history, it's hard to face the truth about the past."

"This atmospheric film is the first ever screen-adaptation of the work of award-winning sci-fi author [MacLeod]. Scattered examines society's relationship with its past through a son's relationship with his father, and challenges our established ideas of destruction and terrorism through a crime that is as surprising as it is all-consuming. As all great sci-fi should, Scattered offers a vision of the future that illuminates the present," wrote the film's creators Joshua Bregman and Victoria Naumova.

Pretty cool.

[via The Verge]


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