Hamburger Helper's Twitter Account Is Weird and Hilarious

Join the #HelperArmy.

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The world of corporate social media is a wild ride, with gaffes often leading to controversy and boycotts. But the latest brand to take Twitter by storm with its social media strategy is the side dish formerly known as Hamburger Helper. Tweeting to just over 4,000 followers under the handle @helper, and claiming to have been “trolling lame dinners since 1971,” Helper has recently adopted a new, hip hop slang-based tone. It’s even got its own #HelperArmy hashtag and is getting followers to tweet in photos of Helper boxes. We’re not sure whether this is a deliberate strategy to court so-called black Twitter or whether it’s simply a case of an intern gone rogue but it’s definitely a sight to behold. Read at your own peril.

Helper gang, homie.

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