Watch Monsters and Robots Smash Sh*t Up in the New Trailer for 'Pacific Rim Uprising’

See a sneak peak of the epic Kaiju-Jaeger battles of 'Pacific Rim Uprising.'

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The sequel to Universal/Legendary's action-packed monster vs. machine sci-fi film Pacific Rim is set to open in theaters this March. To boost the hype for Pacific Rim Uprising, a new trailer gives fans of the series an exclusive look at some of the high-suspense, all-out brawls between the human-controlled Jaeger machines and the monstrous Kaiju creatures. 

New footage shows returning cast members John Boyega and Scott Eastwood, as well as new addition Cailee Spaeny, leading the fight to unite the Jaeger pilots in order to defeat the uprising of these ancient sea creatures of mass destruction. The trailer insures that this second installment will be nothing short of explosive when it comes to intense fight scenes, but this one will also focus on the internal battle within Boyega's character, Jake Pentecost. A once-prolific Jaeger pilot, Boyega's character has fallen into a troubled path and must reconnect with his past to lead the fight against a potentially deadly force of Kaiju. "The Kaiju, they're gonna come back, and I'm not going to be stuck waiting for someone to come save my ass," shouts Cailee Spaeny.

Check out the official poster for the film here, and get excited for Pacific Rim Uprising's premiere on March 23.

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