The Undercover Exploits of an UberX Driver

Things get weird in the backseat.

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Since Uber’s mobile app debuted back in 2010, the San Francisco start-up has grown into a sensation that threatens to upend the taxi industry and change the way people navigate their cities. In the new issue of GQ, writer Mickey Rapkin decided to get a first-hand look at life as an UberX driver—the company’s budget option, where regular folks act as de facto cabbies. As you might expect, Rapkin's findings are as illuminating, hilarious, and frustrating as you might imagine driving intoxicated urbanites would be. Here are some key insights from the piece: 

Uber is wild:

GIRL #1: She wants to get wild.

Uber is awkward:


Uber requires decorum:


 Uber is titillating:


Uber is not particularly lucrative:


Uber is charming: 

They kissed. Kissed again. Then she laughed.

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