How a "Pulp Fiction" Wallet Helped a Man Avoid a Ticket

Youngstown, Ohio resident Nicholas Serra got out of a ticket when a cop recognized his Pulp Fiction-inspired wallet.

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A Youngstown, Ohio man who ran a red light got lucky when a cop noticed his "Bad Mother Fucker" wallet.

Luckily for us, Nicholas Serra was able to record the whole thing with his dashboard-mounted iPhone and police scanner, as he politely explains that he didn't see the cop at the intersection. Also noteworthy: He immediately mentions that he has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, which was in his glove box. After Serra proceeds to hand over his license, the cop recognizes his Pulp Fiction-inspired billfold and compliments him on it. 

While the exchange is very cordial and Serra manages to get a lucky break, it's easy to imagine a situation involving a man with a curse-embossed accessory and hidden firearm going very differently. As Gawker commenter FalseEgo points out, "As a black man I will never experience this, EVER."

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