Sam Mendes Back for Bond Round 2

Ok, round 24.

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Not Available Lead

Sam Mendes delivered more than a blockbuster with Skyfall. Critics asked if it was not the best James Bond film ever. The Oscar-winning director is reportedly "75%" on board for the next installment.

John Logan originally wanted Skyfall and the next film to be a two-part script, but Mendes might return now that it will be its own film. A double film would've also meant filming all at once, which is more difficult with in-demand actors like Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, and Javier Bardem, or whatever awesome people Mendes would undoubtedly get to replace them.

Mendes obviously wants to see Logan's finished script before he agrees to anything. If he does direct, production can't start until 2014 at the earliest since Mendes is directing King Lear at London's National Theatre and a musical stage version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (that one we're less sure about). 

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