This Researcher Says 'World of Warcraft' Players Make Better Employees than Harvard Graduates

We knew it!

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We always knew all that grinding would pay off one day. We were just waiting for the world to catch up, and now it looks like it might—if digital culture researcher John Seely Brown is correct, at least.

Brown says in the "Big Think" video above that he'd rather hire high-level World of Warcraft players than Harvard graduates because the WoW addicts make better employees. He specifically calls out WoW players who run guilds and organize high-level raids.

"Now, these are not just self-organizing groups," he says. "Basically every high-end guild has a constitution. The leaders of these guilds also have to do dispute adjudication all the time. They also have to be willing to say, 'Let's measure ourselves.'"

"But it gets back to this notion of passion, it gets back to this notion of curiosity, and it gets back to this notion that this is an interest-driven phenomenon that unleashes exponential learning of a dimension that's almost unimaginable any other way," he said.

Check out the video and let us know—do you think your gaming experience has any applications in the job market?

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