Great Moments in Overacting: Kerry Washington's Anguish, in GIFs

Kerry Washington's best overacting, starring her eyes, lips, and cheekbones.

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Gladiators were ready to burn members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences of the stake like the witches on AHS: Coven after Kerry Washington lost her nomination in the category of Leading Actress in a Drama Series at this year's Primetime Emmy. Personally, I think the Academy is full of it, too, though mostly because Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has yet to be nominated for anything.

That said, Scandal is sort of like C-SPAN meets Telemundo. Not everyone will be into that sort of thing (shame on them), so while Washington is doing a wonderful job at keeping my Twitter feed captivated every Thursday night, it may take the Emmy Committee a little time to see the good in all of Olivia Pope's lip quivering, constant cries, shrieks, and other behavior that falls under the category of "doing the most."

I look forward to the day when she stands on stage and adds a sprinkle of color, but in the meantime, let's honor Kerry Washington's performance as one of the most maudlin characters on TV this side of Dawson's Creek. I mean, the only time Olivia really smiles is when President Fitz's dick calls. So here's to you, Kerry Washington, and your very, very dramatic face. Also, please don't hate me for highlighting your occasional overracting. I swear I love you.

Written by Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)


Bug eyes and big demands: the way to make a man really, really understand your pain.

Side-pieces everywhere felt Olivia and her heightened volume in this scene. 

Who knew eyes could do that.

"That's y u mad, that's y u, y u mad."

A scowl to peel your face back.

One day, Shonda Rhimes is going to turn off all that Motown scoring Scandal, cue Mary J. Blige's "Not Gon' Cry," and get Liv to buck up. That'll likely not happen until the series finale, though.

To quote Master P's "I Miss My Homies": "How could it be? Somebody took my boy from me. My best friend's gone and I'm so all alone."

So. Much. Pain.

Four-year-old loses favorite puppy to Buick Regal realness.

Olivia Pope, being a walking Visine bottle for the millionth time.

Olivia, so disgusted that she doesn't even know which way to screw her face up. Riveting.

Poor little Tink Tink.

More tears...for the road.

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