Keke Palmer Is Ready for Hollywood Retirement: ‘I Think the Timer Has Started'

Palmer's career started in 2002 when she was only 9 years old.

(Photo by Gonzalo Marroquin / Getty Images for Affinity)

Keke Palmer has revealed she's been flirting with the idea of retiring from Hollywood

In an interview with Teen Vogue, the Hustlers star reflected on leaving her Hollywood career behind after being in the industry since she was a child. According to Palmer, retirement will be happening sooner rather than later

"I don't know. I think the timer has started," Palmer said. "I think it's because I just haven't felt it yet. But the timer, I know that it's around the corner. I don't know when exactly, but it's around the corner."

Palmer also explained what kind of legacy she wants to leave behind, as well as establishing a path to help out her son Leo and other like-minded creatives. She doesn't believe in "gatekeeping" and thinks that people who do that are afraid to share the gems. 

"The main thing I want those legacies to be is [a call] to use your power for good, to use what you have to create spaces and systems for other people to thrive," Palmer said. "I just don't believe in holding everything. I don't believe in gatekeeping. I'm not a coward. What would that do? I think it's based in fear. If I'm speaking on it from a compassionate place, I think people, that gatekeep are afraid. So I'm not scared."

Lastly, Palmer made it clear that she wants her future as a performer to be filled with options and explained why she launched her own platform, KeyTV Network, to help others.

"When I was younger, I used to have so much anxiety," Palmer added. "I love to perform, but is that something that can last forever? I think I always would wonder, 'Is it something that times out?' Obviously, you have people that have been acting their entire careers…but I just never knew how I could scale myself."

She continued, "If you were a lawyer, you want to get to be a partner. I didn't understand what the version of that was for me. Some people become directors or they become a producer or they become the head of Paramount."

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