Kai Cenat Rage Quits and Destroys Stream Setup After Losing $300,000 to 21 Savage in 'Madden 24'

The popular Twitch streamer was beating 21 by a large margin in the first game.

(Photo by Prince Williams / WireImage),(Photo by Prince Williams / WireImage)

Kai Cenat lost so much money playing Madden 24 against 21 Savage that he destroyed his stream setup.

On Monday, 21 paid a visit to the popular streamer and placed a wager on a game of Madden. In the video footage shared online, Kai put up a good fight and went up 20-0 in their first game. However, their next game is when Kai lets out his frustrations. 

A second piece of footage showed Kai was upset after he had lost to the Atlanta rapper 26-21. The 22-year-old lost over $300,000 in bets for the game and rage quit while proceeding to throw his controller and knock down a few monitors he had set up for his streams.

“I’m done with this shit on God,” Cenat said as 21 laughed at him. “Fucking dumbass fuck. Dumbass fucking game, bro. Fuck out of here, bro. I’m done with all this shit bro, I lose every fucking time. Every fucking time I’m losing bro.”


shi if 300 thou wow on the table i ain’t rage quitting #kaicenat #21savage #madden #fyp #vrewls

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Kai Cenat just DESTORYED his set up after losing his wager to 21 Savage in the last quarter in a wager with bets totaling more than $300,000 😭 pic.twitter.com/Jbabigw5Xj

— iqkev (@iqkev) January 30, 2024
Twitter: @iqkev

While he’s not having the best luck with the Madden video game, Kai is trying it out in the acting world. Earlier this month, Kai asked 50 Cent if he could get a role on Power. 50 had called into Kai’s livestream and Twitch superstar wasn’t going to shy away from asking the request. 

"Can I please get an episode of Power, bro?” Kai asked before 50 said, “Well, we gotta work it out. Look, we gotta make sure you can play the part, though."

Kai added, “Yes I could, bro. Whatever, gangsta part, whatever you need me to do. If I gotta knock a n***a off. N***a, I swear, I could do whatever you need me to do, bro.”

Fif then challenged Kai to prove his acting skills. “Look, look, look! It got to look as if shit was expensive," he explained. "You gotta be dead-ass serious. I want to see you knock something off.”

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